Impure [adjective]

Definition of Impure:

not clean mentally, physically; mixed

Synonyms of Impure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impure:

Sentence/Example of Impure:

If it had not been for the high, dome-shaped roof, the air would have grown heavy and impure.

No, he will doubtless go to some friend who he thinks will tell him, and thus get his young mind tainted with impure thoughts.

Astonishment and curiosity calmed for a moment the impure ardor of the Crusaders.

It gave a bluish-black color with impure ferrous sulphate and a dark color with ferric chloride.

All appeared to be impure gallic acid which had become brown by absorption of oxygen.

Astonished at such a declaration, this worthy sufferer ably rejoined, "that his words were as impure, as they were profane."

Let it not be polluted with anything dead or impure, that your victuals, boiled in pure water, may be healthy.

All we can tell is, that the colour does not suffer from impure air.

They are so small that several million are often found in a single drop of impure water or sour milk.

This is a compound, of which sweet spirit of nitre is an impure alcoholic solution.