Alloyed [adjective]

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In the 1960s, the only metal light and tough enough for such a feat was a titanium alloy, which made up 90 percent of the aircraft.

The company had to develop its own proprietary titanium alloy that could endure both the rigors of the manufacturing constraints and the repeated impacts from massive tee shots.

Acmetop’s over-door hook hanger is made of the same aluminum alloy as the back of an iPhone case—yes, the one that you drop several times a week—so you know it will be strong enough to hold even your heaviest winter coats.

It weighed scarce one maes, or nine diezmos, of the fineness of eighteen or nineteen carats, alloyed with silver.

His satisfaction was soon alloyed, for the means which he had employed to gain his end roused widespread indignation.

But the osmium and uranium alloyed with it are something else.

Some of the Dahlonega gold is said to be as pure as any in the world, but it is commonly alloyed with silver.

The Treasure further contained a small cup of gold alloyed with 20 per cent.

You may contend that the pleasures of Intelligence are superior in quality, as well as less alloyed by accompanying pains.

These were my happiest hours; but even they were alloyed by the weariness of an exhausted and tired intellect.