Doctored [adjective]

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Johnson also wondered aloud whether doctors and medical experts were backing another drug, remdesivir, over hydroxychloroquine because remdesivir sales bring in more money for pharmaceutical companies.

Engel-Natzke took all the telephone calls, came up with the questions to ask doctors and recorded every phone call for the family.

Take the simple steps that the doctors have talked about today because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to Hayes, doctors said he was lucky to have not taken his nitroglycerin pills because they could’ve increased the chance of his blood clot moving to his brain, which could cause a stroke or aneurysm.

The city plans to distribute the vaccine by work setting, not by profession — so anyone who works in a hospital will be on the early list to get a dose, not just nurses and doctors.

A copy of your will should go to your attorney, while a copy of your living will goes to your doctor.

My doctor looked at my left eye and said she saw an abrasion.

But, he said, that’s “no excuse” for doctors to have used their own sperm on unwitting patients.

Members talked to doctors, swapped details on symptoms and tracked treatments together to find out what was making things better or worse.

Then in mid-April, a group of Utah nurses and doctors arrived at her hospital ready for duty, offering desperately needed relief.