Contaminated [verb]

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These viruses are primarily passed from animals to people through water sources contaminated with infected birds' droppings.

Toledo, Ohio, had to truck in water for its population in 2014 when an algae bloom on Lake Erie contaminated the city’s water supply.

So, no, although the virus can be aerosolized, I’m not worried transient contact with “contaminated air” will spread it.

The death toll of elephants in the southern Africa country has subsequently risen to 330, with Monday’s announcement by its Department of National Parks and Wildlife confirming the elephants drank water contaminated by cyanobacteria.

The amoeba primarily infects people swimming in lakes and rivers, though several reported cases have been linked to contaminated tap water.

It may also be necessary to set up sediment barriers to trap contaminated soils from entering water supplies.

In the event of a recall, information about the source of foods also provides critical information to public health officials, allowing them to alert the public about potentially contaminated food items with specificity.

People need only touch the surface and then bring their contaminated hands to their nose or mouth.

Discharges which have continued for some time are practically always contaminated with the staphylococcus.

He didn't think the penitentiary the place for them, and would not have the convicts contaminated by them.