Improve [verb]

Definition of Improve:

make or become better

Opposite/Antonyms of Improve:

Sentence/Example of Improve:

Billions of dollars have been invested in tools and platforms that promise to improve the learning outcomes and lives of students.

During a talk with TechCrunch, the founders stressed how growers could increase margins through improved labor costs.

The startup has spent the last few quarters further improving its technology stack.

Apple’s software has added some improved features this year.

Studies suggest that even low-levels of strength training can improve back pain.

As the firm noted in its post, over half the world’s population lives on or near coastlines, so undersea data centers might improve their online experience.

Before, all I could see in the future was progress, that things would improve with time.

Diversity in TV advertising has improved in the ensuing years.

We can only improve the safety of mail-in voting if we understand where there are legitimate concerns to begin with.

Five hundred of our fighting men are running to and fro between cliffs and sea carrying stones wherewith to improve our pier.