Refine [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Refine:

But the butcher had a sentiment for his business, and knew how to refine upon it.

Resist it not; it goes to refine and raise thy theory of matter just as much.

Loving is an art, and we all need to learn the art and to refine its practice.

Beer does not refine, perhaps,97 but at any rate it mellows.

For the necessity for concentration only serves to strengthen and refine her aspiration.

Workers separate the product from the earth, transport it, refine it, fabricate it.

They will rescue him; they will refine the vileness out of him.

Incidentally the novel may teach, encourage, refine, elevate.

To reclaim from a savage or barbarous state; to educate; to refine.

A definite movement was on to refine the language by foreign decorations.