Filter [verb]

Definition of Filter:

separate to refine; seep through

Synonyms of Filter:

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Sentence/Example of Filter:

Even when they’re available, portable air filters can be expensive, easily costing up to several hundred dollars for a device big enough to clean the air in a single room.

Hmmm, Google already had a filter set to not pass all Search Terms into the UI based on traffic volume, so this appears to be them simply moving the threshold.

Once the nearby filter is selected, users will see a new UI that Google is calling a “local stores card,” also constructed of local inventory data from merchant feeds.

In a blog post in 2016, it detailed what went into the system’s design, along with testing data to back up its claims of a HEPA filter that’s “ten times more efficient than standard automotive filters.”

So this fall, classrooms might get new air filters that weren’t there before.

Odor expert Marilee Nelson, co-founder of Branch Basics, suggests buying a cheap 20-inch x 20-inch box fan and a matching air filter.

Google Shopping will feature more sales filters for users that are based on Merchant Promotions.

In order to target a voter, groups will use specific filters in order to reach exactly who they want—for example, women on college campuses in Michigan.

The Vida masks have adjustable ear loops and a metal nosepiece to ensure a close fit, and they have a pocket for a filter, which you can easily add to your order for $12 for five filters.

In 2018, Google’s Chrome introduced a filter to automatically block out ads that don’t meet the Coalition’s ad standards.