Dribble [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Dribble:

Last season, the Hawks were a predictable mash of pick-and-rolls and dribble handoffs.

It’s hard to beat a guy off the dribble, in wheelchair basketball, because your hands are up to do a lot and chairs are wide and lateral movement is limited.

He shoots it, catch-and-shoot, or off the dribble, like Steph.

It’s no surprise that Murray has been the most frequent recipient of dribble handoffs during the playoffs.

The two complement each other in several different ways, but nothing is more mutually beneficial than their dribble handoffs.

Supplies did slowly dribble in, and sometimes came in encouraging quantities when a store-ship was captured.

Peter whirled completely around, to throw off the guard hovering in front of him, and started a dribble.

The events recorded are only a grey dribble from a leaky town pump.

Still San Francisco waited, though a constant dribble of departures made at last perceptible inroads on its population.

In order to dribble stuff smelling sickeningly of carnations on a wasted yard.