Drop [noun]

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What’s capping the upside, and threatening a drop, is the rampaging price that’s waxed three times as fast as profits.

Although the idea remains a long-shot in the vaccine race, an attenuated coronavirus could be formulated into inexpensive nose drops for use around the world.

The drop in labor participation from EU nationals suggests many workers went home during the pandemic, perhaps because of travel restrictions, Raja said.

If you notice a drop in traffic on Friday evening for a few hours, and your site is often in the Top Stories section in Google Search – this may be why.

I think one estimate is that they’ll only be able to produce 50 million phones next year, so there’s a huge drop.

If you’re wondering why Big Tech is crumbling, and whether the steep drop makes sense, the best guide is examining what drove their gigantic jump over the past year.

In Bloomington, five miles southwest of downtown, the Bearclaw Poppy Trail offers easy routes with optional drops, while the Barrel Trail, in Green Valley, has huge features.

If there won’t be any drop boxes, or the number is restricted, find out why.

Tesla stock could someday be a good deal, but only if it suffers a drop as jaw-dropping as its rise.

A snippy comment or a drop in productivity might easily be chalked up to an individual’s personality or skillset, so it’s important to dive deeper.