Particle [noun]

Definition of Particle:

atom, piece

Synonyms of Particle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Particle:


Sentence/Example of Particle:

We see nothing but nature; not a particle of false delicacy or finesse.

Every particle of fat should be carefully skimmed from the surface.

Then skim and strain it, carefully removing every particle of fat.

But Dick remembered his mission, and his resolve to perform it was not shaken a particle.

I have discovered how to disunite that force and that particle.

There is but one force in this world and but one particle of matter.

Strain it off clear, and when cold take off every particle of fat.

One particle which had adhered to his thumb he removed with his forefinger.

Or is the life of mind sufficient, if devoid of any particle of pleasure?

According to it every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle.