Dot [noun]

Definition of Dot:

tiny mark, drop

Synonyms of Dot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dot:


Sentence/Example of Dot:

You could be, but chances are, they aren’t watching your little green dot at all times.

Think of the colors assigned to the dots as coordinates which situate the dice in space.

The process works a little like “connect the dots,” in which the software learns how to accurately fill in the missing pieces of information between the data points generated by the scanner.

Some also offer a chance to explore deeper by switching tabs or hovering on elements like dots or lines.

Hover over each of the dots to see how the map shook out in that simulation.

Though Caroline only brought with her a dot of forty thousand francs, she stood for what was better still, immense possibilities.

A dot or two, sometimes only one, sometimes as many as five, are thrown in as a rough way of indicating the features.

Typical "segmenters" present a ring of rounded segments or spores, each with a small, dot-like chromatin mass.

At three thousand yards a man appears as a mere dot, which is not readily distinguishable.

All the way the scenery is pretty, but with no very striking features, and villas dot the roadside for a considerable distance.