Pinpoint [verb]

Definition of Pinpoint:

define, locate

Synonyms of Pinpoint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pinpoint:

Sentence/Example of Pinpoint:

From without the moonbeams flooded it, from within came no pinpoint of light.

I caught the pinpoint gleam of what might have been a knife in her hand.

Tawney's face was a study of uneasiness, but he clearly could not pinpoint what the trouble was.

As they walked he tried to pinpoint directions, but because of the darkness he could not do so.

Not many hours before, it had been only a dust mote, a pinpoint of light in the void.

She looked like a fairy god-mother, a pinpoint of fury in the eye.

Kirk squinted craftily at the pinpoint of light with one closed eye.

From a tiny opening in the door jamb, a pinpoint of light appeared.

You haven't been able to pinpoint the Nipe that easily, have you?

Yet I had won, and what they knew had narrowed my planet-wide search to a pinpoint.