Finger [noun]

Definition of Finger:

appendage of hand

Synonyms of Finger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finger:


Sentence/Example of Finger:

With one finger, double-tap and hold on the screen, then move your finger up or down to zoom in or out.

The Surface Duo is compatible with Microsoft’s line of Surface styluses, useful for writing notes, highlighting and editing text, and generally using in place of your fingers to scroll around.

Plus, it might be the first time the customer can put their finger on how much their branding drives their income, a question they have probably struggled with for a long time.

He slipped through the cracks, slipped through our fingers, many, many times.

This cutter is designed with an ergonomic handle to keep you in control and your fingers out of the way.

You have a ton of valuable experience—you’re a photographer, you’ve built a business in a competitive field, you’re adept at working with brands and audiences, and you have your finger on the pulse of social media.

When promoting your content organically, you share a post and cross your fingers that it reaches your target audience.

This means that when a user thinks about bending a finger, the nerve fires and the prosthetic’s sensors can detect the signal and translate it into the action.

When people were presented with a barely detectable electrical stimulus to their finger, they were more likely to perceive it during diastole and to miss it during systole.

What’s much harder to see are these indirect effects that take a long time, and it’s harder to put your finger on that.