Claw [noun]

Definition of Claw:

nail of animal; tool shaped like nail of an animal

Synonyms of Claw:

Opposite/Antonyms of Claw:


Sentence/Example of Claw:

In the middle of his singing he felt the cold touch of the Crab's claw on the apple of his throat.

The woman holds in her claw-like hand a half-empty bottle of cheap red wine.

She laughed still more when the parrot took a piece of cake in his claw, and ate it, bit by bit, as nicely as she could herself.

Two of the fingers, or the thumb and finger had been enlarged or grafted into a bone-like semblance of a crab's claw.

A dying man raised one horrible crab claw to me, called out my name!

Then he showed them that there were no marks with the claw reversed, a clear proof the animal had not come down.

It was like a big gray spider crouching to spring, or the claw of a great bird.

Exchanging the claw-hammer for his office coat, Burns went out by way of the French window to the rear of the house.

With a third claw he thrust a slender needle under the skin.

We are going to try to rig a jury mizzen, so as to help us claw off the ice, if need be.