Crook [noun]

Definition of Crook:

criminal, thief

Synonyms of Crook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crook:



Sentence/Example of Crook:

I saw every crook in the fence, every rut in the road, every bush and tree long before we came to it.

Only then did I own that by hook or by crook—and mostly by crook, I was forced to suspect—they had purposely given me the slip.

I, too, am a shepherd, you know; but a shepherd in black and without his crook is somewhat in the way.

Frequently the shepherd carries a staff or crook in his hand, on which he sometimes leans, as if weary beneath his burden.

Sometimes a milk-pail is represented near a lamb, or hanging on a crook by its side, or even resting on its back.

By this time Captain Barry was tired enough of being penned up, and he made up his mind by hook or crook to get out of his cage.

Dight were her head and the crook all over with gold, and the bulwarks thereof were as high as on sea-faring ships.

At the last words Muskwah picked up his antique gun, and placed it in the crook of his left arm.

Justin's rifle flashed from the crook of his arm—a paddle dropped, and floated away down stream.

He crouched lower, and brought the muzzle down, until it finally rested at the crook of his left elbow.