Cheat [noun]

Definition of Cheat:

person who fools others

Synonyms of Cheat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cheat:


Sentence/Example of Cheat:

This comes in part from the fact that the Cullinan has a cheat sheet.

They were salt-packed and full of “preservatives” and that ghastly enemy, MSG, but more than anything, they were the tools of cheats.

“There should be a cheat sheet out there for what test to use when,” Wells said.

For example, when you’re gearing up for a big promotional launch, create a cheat sheet of pre-written social copy and send over several variations that fit different channels.

Using that formula, which is a bit of a cheat, e-commerce is now closer to 21%.

He turned to Miller, and said haughtily in his imperfect English, “Did you see the cheat, you?”

And thirdly he knew that his adversary would cheat if he could and that his adversary suspected him of fraudulent designs.

She had submitted to giving up the salmon, but the devil himself should not cheat her out of her dessert.

I soon find out when they are trying to cheat me; then they come smirking and smiling with 'Guten Abis.'

The tongue can't cheat the brain, and right now reading is out of the question.