Rascal [noun]

Definition of Rascal:

person who is unprincipled, does not work hard

Synonyms of Rascal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rascal:

Sentence/Example of Rascal:

Let us see what had become of the rascal from the time when he disappeared.

This Bouquet is a rascal who will be more likely to end in the Bastille than I, who did but defend my own.

There is not a rascal among them but loves you better than me.

I believe the rascal is a coward, though he pretends to be in love forsooth.

Oh, what tears I wept for that man, whom I did not know at all—who was a rascal or perhaps a hero!

“Served the rascal right if I put a bullet through him,” said the first voice.

Therefore this was done, just as had been done with the rascal, and he was drowned in the water.

After that, the rascal became the chief, and dwelt in the drowned chief's house.

Then the rascal put him naked into the mat, and tied it round tight.

The servants put the rascal into the mat, and tied it round tight.