Hooligan [noun]

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Because the Christian regards the hooligan, the thief, the wanton, and the drunkard as men and women who have done wrong.

Mike Hooligan give him that stick: it come from Ireland, and was the pride of Mike's heart; he wouldn't take gold for it.

Hooligan and his wife, scoundrelly caretakers in charge of a mansion in River Forest.

Hooligan told her it wouldn't be necessary for her to say anything, as she could get back to Archer Avenue in the afternoon.

He's care-taker during the summer for a house in River Forest, Hooligan is, and he took the girl there.

The moment the girl reached the house, Whipple and Pete made a prisoner of her, and turned her over to Mrs. Hooligan.

What sort of a two-faced scoundrel is this Hooligan, that he helps criminals in such work?

"But Hooligan's house faces a street where no one lives that's able to own an automobile," spoke up Brady.

It was quite plain that Hooligan's being away in summer was a bad thing for his home place.

My brother, Hooligan told me, was lying very ill in a house in River Forest, and wanted to see me.