Rowdy [adjective]

Definition of Rowdy:

boisterous, noisy

Synonyms of Rowdy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rowdy:

Sentence/Example of Rowdy:

I was conscious of a bit of the rowdy in my manner, but I seemed powerless to prevent it.

For then was the time that she preferred for her rowdy tricks.

It was renowned for its riots, and was, in fact (to use a slang word) a "rowdy" place.

And in spite of all his efforts, the school was as rowdy as ever.

They have not quite the rowdy actuality of Mr. Tarkington's urchins.

He stopped for an instant to absorb the rowdy racket from the taproom.

Among the rowdy set of his fellow-students he shone with a certain superiority.

He never was rowdy, but silent as usual, he threw himself upon his bed.

Big Cracker, of this profane, rowdy crew, sidled to the sled.

It was interesting for the dogs—this rowdy pack from Tight Cove.