Unruly [adjective]

Definition of Unruly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unruly:

Sentence/Example of Unruly:

"Your lists, unruly one," said the teacher—one of Napoleon's chief persecutors.

I am so pleased, so happy, that I am as unruly as a child, and as easily managed.

The doctor took off his hat, and pushed back his thick, unruly hair.

"You want a flogging, that's what you do;" said a parent to his unruly son.

To her the idea of associating with a wild, and unruly character like this was insupportable.

They had been impatient and enduring, turbulent and devoted, unruly and faithful.

It was bad for the children; they got unruly; and yesterday he actually had to give Gustav a thrashing.

He was the most unruly customer I've had in the twenty months I've been here.

The lack of soldiers among them intensified the unruly spirit in the Winnebagoes.

Some unruly spirit was about who chased slumber from everybody's eyes.