Incorrigible [adjective]

Definition of Incorrigible:

bad, hopeless

Synonyms of Incorrigible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incorrigible:

Sentence/Example of Incorrigible:

We are trying to digest the riffraff of the world, and can't do it, in spite of such incorrigible optimists as Judge Leslie.

On the subject of Malassis, I will tell you that I marvel at his courage, at his activity, and his incorrigible gaiety.

He revolted against it, as a thing more provoking, more incorrigible than mere womanhood.

He was master, he said, of the lives and property of these incorrigible rebels, and he would do with them as he pleased.

Even on his father the incorrigible lad seems on more than one occasion to have tried his little game.

But even here he could not shut out the ringing laughter of the incorrigible practical jokers.

Louis, within the narrowed sphere of his activities, (p. 276) continued quite as incorrigible as before.

"No worse than sparking Sunday nights," retorted the incorrigible Will.

Mike was getting impatient with the incorrigible character of Jim's prejudices, and Jim saw that he was grieving him.

In the next, he and his fellow-Huguenots were incorrigible rebels, with whom every method of conciliation had signally failed.