Useless [adjective]

Definition of Useless:

not working; not valuable

Opposite/Antonyms of Useless:

Sentence/Example of Useless:

Dark pictures and gloomy forebodings are worse than useless.

Sir, it is a useless piece of furniture to me; I do not understand these things.

But it was useless to think of this, with even the General suggesting a bodyguard.

He had no plea for himself; he saw that it would be useless.

I knew how useless it was, and I remembered that he himself had armed me for my protection.

It is useless to discuss the Chitral question independently.

Almost never did any owner apply for them, for it would be useless to do so.

It was useless to talk to Eleanor while she was in this nervous state of mind.

If he had had the strength he would have thrown the useless weapon at me.

No, it is useless; we have no time to saddle them, and the outer gate is locked.