Ineffective [adjective]

Definition of Ineffective:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ineffective:

Sentence/Example of Ineffective:

Simply telling a content team to put their act together is an easy but ineffective decision.

If an unsafe or ineffective vaccine goes into wide use, that will be a bigger setback than we’ll suffer if convalescent plasma proves a dud.

At the beginning of the pandemic, tests were unavailable, error prone, or simply ineffective.

Machine-learning researchers who fail to realize this and expect tools to work “off the shelf” often wind up creating ineffective models.

We could learn that the state has continued to fail and is ineffective and instead of the state, we have to turn to corporations.

Bruce demolished the castle; whether because it was of the old ineffective type, or because he had no means of holding it.

You may say, in the case of Sikes and the peer, that the logic of the Determinist is sound, but ineffective: nothing comes of it.

If the bombardment was ineffective, from whatever cause, then the men should not have been allowed to break cover.

Although the beat of a raindrop is proverbially light, the stroke is not ineffective.

Bacon was disgusted with ineffective logical speculations, and Socrates with ineffective physical researches.