Unable [adjective]

Definition of Unable:

not having talent, skill

Opposite/Antonyms of Unable:

Sentence/Example of Unable:

Still he reflected that he would be unable to get out, and in the morning he could go for the constable.

That he was unable to do, even if it were true, which he doubted.

All this had happened so quickly that Will was unable to hinder it.

"Then come and dine here," said Dick, unable to refuse a neighbour hospitality.

She lay looking about her, unable for the moment to remember where she was.

She lay like one dead, and do what she could Hester was unable to bring her to herself.

If she insisted that she was ill and unable to go back, there would be a fuss.

They were unable, they said, to accept the terms offered by Archidamus.

Simply because otherwise he would be unable to realise what he had done.

If we are unable to assume either of these postures, we may pray in any position.