Successful [adjective]

Definition of Successful:

favorable, profitable

Opposite/Antonyms of Successful:

Sentence/Example of Successful:

The room we entered was heated by what I took to be a successful furnace.

When great sorrows come it is because in the struggle we have not been successful.

Never had there been insurrection so sudden, so short, and so successful.

Already she was learning that peace of mind is essential to successful endeavor.

Crane's racing season had been as successful as the Master of Ringwood's had been disastrous.

He expected to come up with the volunteers on the road, but was not successful.

At Shabkadr a charge of the 13th Bengal Lancers was more than successful.

You must have a good glider as the basis of a successful flying machine.

To be successful a man need take no heed for his own particular future.

And she knew his one thought now must be for their successful administration.