Blooming [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blooming:

Again she was buxom and blooming, one whose hand you would take instead of offering an arm.

At the farm-gate they met Dorothy, fresh and blooming as a rose, with a pail in each hand foaming to the brim with milk.

She was interrupted by the entrance of a fine tall blooming girl of eighteen, holding in her hand a pretty little maid of five.

Gwynne's disapproval vanished as he shook hands with the blooming young matron and met her bright laughing eyes.

During the reign of Theodore the Bishop of Ephesus found them there, blooming like roses.

We hurried through the orchard to the brook, to see the flowers blooming there, and there, alas!

Her hand in his, he led her down the steps of the portico, all strewn with white bells of lilies, a carpet of blooming snow.

He came back to find a blooming maiden preserving the fresh, joyous grace which had captivated him in the child—and loved!

Carriage after carriage has deposited its freight of blooming girls and merry-eyed children at the broad, open hall-door.

Blooming and falling again, they would make an excellent preparation, and there was plenty to do in the meantime.