Declining [verb]

Definition of Declining:

say no

Synonyms of Declining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Declining:

Sentence/Example of Declining:

If you have a reason for declining to play, do so decidedly when first invited, and do not change your decision.

If, after affliction, your friends call before you are able to see them, do not fear to give offence by declining to receive them.

Mèste Ambroi, declining at first to sing, says "Li mirau soun creba!"

But what, in the name of the great prince, is the meaning of her declining the urban expedition?

The fur-seal fishery is an important industry, though apparently a declining one.

Elise watched her go on towards the Manor in the declining sunlight, then turned heavily to her work again.

I was asked to send a verbal answer by the messenger who brought me the letter, accepting or declining the offer.

He said they were very unfortunate; that it seemed a declining race, and that they were very poor and had been much neglected.

If Bassett's star was declining there was nothing to indicate it in the conduct of the advance guard.

Gérard declining both suggestions, the sheik was obliged to leave, as night was at hand, and the lions might appear at any moment.