Desist [verb]

Definition of Desist:

stop, refrain from

Synonyms of Desist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Desist:

Sentence/Example of Desist:

The team has served 32 cease-and-desist orders in Carlsbad since December, Reyes said.

The Jews flocked from all parts to assist in the work; but the combined forces were obliged to desist from the attempt.

She even threatens to strike the bell, when the Count de Carojac appears, and warns his rival to desist.

But Warren begged him to desist, confident as he was that any further attempt would result in ill to them.

And Friedrich did desist, in that direction, poor youth; but tried it the more in others.

But these clowns would not desist; they even added jeers and threats of violence if she did not leave the place.

After resetting their line the victors could not clear their front, for the baffled assailants would not desist.

Moreover, he showed such abject fear when taken out to have his hair cut that we had to desist and let him keep his curls.

So much against his will had the affair occurred, that he had repeatedly but ineffectually commanded his men to desist.

They were finally forced to desist for a few minutes in order to give their snouts time to regain their tone.