Resign [verb]

Definition of Resign:

give up responsibility

Opposite/Antonyms of Resign:

Sentence/Example of Resign:

He could resign himself to his reveries, and pursue them into new subtleties day by day.

Besides, Mr. Morgan offered to resign his seat in the House of Commons in his favor.

George felt that if he would hold one he must resign the other.

Mortimer was to be asked to resign his position as soon as his place in the bank could be filled.

But now that she was unable to move, she must resign herself and accept her fate.

To Him I resign myself, and the just cause which is entrusted to me to defend.

I will resign it; for ever I will resign it: and the resignation must be good, because I will never marry at all.

I thought he was too keen on money to resign because his silly pride was hurt.

I will not resign; the king is with us; our strength shall be known.

I was obliged to resign Berenice to the care of her attendants.