Defend [verb]

Definition of Defend:


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Sentence/Example of Defend:

None of that happens so long as the party willing to harbor and defend a demagogue who threatens the republic stands in the way.

The scene was fitting, given that the shine of adding the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner to the defending World Series champions obscured the picture of exactly what the Dodgers are getting in the enigmatic right-hander.

The Hogan administration has defended its decentralized system as critical to building an infrastructure that can ramp up when the federal government delivers more doses.

Throughout the panel, those involved with the Oversight Board defended the project.

To suddenly shut them down would trigger legal actions the city can neither afford nor defend.

It’s just a staggeringly sloppy start for the defending champions.

That night in College Park, Ayala scored four points and didn’t defend well, either.

The playwright takes the opportunity to defend her husband’s unjustly perceived shortcomings.

The show follows the adventures of Goku and his friends, who defend the Earth against villains.

Suu Kyi publicly rejected the accusations, defending her country against charges of genocide at the Hague in 2019.