Entrench [verb]

Definition of Entrench:

establish, make inroads

Synonyms of Entrench:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entrench:

Sentence/Example of Entrench:

The failures “entrenched the idea that our leading theory for how supernovas explode maybe doesn’t work,” said Sean Couch, a computational astrophysicist at Michigan State University.

Rather, this move is good because it further entrenches the Nats as to who they are.

Derek Carr, now the Las Vegas Raiders’s starter, was entrenched at quarterback.

Doubling down on it now will simply further entrench an error-prone and unconstitutional system that will continue to be used unfairly against people of color.

Venezuela’s authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro has entrenched his power further after winning December’s legislative elections.

For instance, even though Nebraska’s two most populous cities, Omaha and Lincoln, are gaining in population and lean left compared to the rest of the state, Republican power remains entrenched in the state.

It further entrenches those people who already had access to greater resources to be better educated.

In doing so, the attorneys general alleged, Google is able to drive adoption of its own advertising products, enriching its bottom line and further entrenching its dominance.

It’s the largest deal for AstraZeneca since it was founded in a 1999 combination of British and Swedish companies, and would entrench its position among the world’s 10 biggest drugmakers.

Facebook’s actions to entrench and maintain its monopoly deny consumers the benefits of competition.