Ingrain [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Ingrain:

It’s gotten to the point that deep dish, like the “The Bean” and Chicago’s unforgiving wind, have been ingrained in people’s minds as a Chicago staple, even though it’s not.

That change ingrains the memory and lets us keep memories we recall more often, while others fade.

For direct-to-consumer brands, skepticism of Amazon is ingrained into them from launch.

Bars and restaurants are ingrained in our national culture and history.

Also, the idea of skincare as self-care has now been ingrained into our minds.

They are deeply interconnected with the economic and financial systems and ingrained in societies.

SEO needs to be ingrained throughout every aspect of the business right now, from the very initial planning stages of any project or initiative.

Whereupon Mufty, finding himself dropped upon the coldly unsympathetic ingrain carpet, desisted from further encouraging remarks.

But I never can—I'm like him, every one says so, and he says the heedlessness is ingrain, and can't be got rid of.

Between the pews, in the aisle, the violent vermilion of a strip of ingrain carpet assaulted the eye.