Found [verb]

Definition of Found:

bring into being

Synonyms of Found:

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Sentence/Example of Found:

Archer was co-founded in 2018 by Adam Goldstein and Brett Adcock, who sold their software-as-a-service company Vettery to The Adecco Group for more than $100 million.

Mary Wilson, a founding member of the Supremes, a popular vocal trio of the 1960s that had 12 No.

The production company is Higher Ground — the venture founded by the Obamas in partnership with Netflix — which recently announced a slate of new projects for the streaming company.

Among the female founders who succeeded in raising last year, Everlywell, the at-home lab-testing startup founded by CEO Julia Cheek, claimed the top deal of the year for a startup founded by a women-only team, with a $175 million Series D round.

Before joining Amazon, Pinkham had founded South Africa’s first-ever internet service provider, Internet Africa in 1993.

He founded the Business Roundtable for Education at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and e3 Civic High, the charter high school in the Central Library.

In the end, the proposal was voted down, 25 to 16, in a Senate still controlled by the right-wing party Stroessner founded.

Laura Quinn, a veteran progressive operative who co-founded Catalist, began studying this problem a few years ago.

It was founded in 1994 on the principle that the family home is dogs’ natural environment.

His company was founded a decade after Amazon and six years after Google.