Demolish [verb]

Definition of Demolish:

destroy; consume

Synonyms of Demolish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demolish:

Sentence/Example of Demolish:

LUCA’s competitors may have survived some time as fossils, but the planet’s tectonic churn has long since demolished its earliest rocks.

In 2014 I wrote about a rusty metal box that Anne Smith and Malcolm Bertoni found when they demolished a brick barbecue in their Cleveland Park backyard.

Epic is purchasing the 980,000-square-foot Cary Towne Center, which sits on 87 acres, from developers who had previously announced plans to demolish the mall and build a new, mixed-use development.

Greig said his family, which has owned the property for the past two decades, can barely afford to demolish the home, let alone move it back on the property line.

That demolished Delaware’s record for Democratic primary turnout, set in 2008, when Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in the race for the small state’s delegates.

It had become the diva, the star of our horrible drama, the villain demolishing cascades of plans for all of us little specks hubristic enough to believe we could still make them.

City Council members have kicked around the possibility of demolishing the property and starting from scratch.

Multiple City Council members have also asked if the city could demolish the high rise and build another in its place.

I did not demolish my hut of pearl shells, but left it standing exactly as it had been during the past two and a half years.

We then proceeded to demolish everything in sight except the boxes.