Construct [verb]

Definition of Construct:

assemble, build

Synonyms of Construct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Construct:

Sentence/Example of Construct:

The most powerful thing about applying creative constructs to the conversations that you make is that they can help balance power, protect from inequities, and do it in a way that’s built into the very structures that govern the conversations.

Gathering for coffee is no longer part of our social construct, and coffee-making, much like cooking, has largely become an at-home affair.

Consumers constantly apply meaning to their choices and use this meaning in their social constructs.

After all, immersing yourself in nature is a way to check social constructs at the trailhead.

Without surgery implantation, customized living tissue constructs were successfully generated in the body.

They placed cotton and fine wool all about the room, and even endeavoured to construct small nests of wool and horsehair.

But the artillerymen believed that it was impossible to construct a road to haul guns up to this height.

This exhibit is sufficient to indicate that there need be no question of our financial ability to construct the road.

Still, on small islands, such as the Coral and Marshall Islands, the natives construct their huts from pandan wood.

Any one who intends to construct hoisting tackle ought to provide himself with beams and small cables.