Constitute [verb]

Definition of Constitute:

comprise, form

Synonyms of Constitute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Constitute:

Sentence/Example of Constitute:

We can thus disregard the first 16 and consider only the last two figures which constitute the fraction of a century.

Cherry-tree stems, under the name of agriots, constitute a specialty of Austrian manufacture.

In myelogenous leukemia myelocytes usually constitute more than 20 per cent.

The blessings of time and eternity constitute the part of the promise offered to believers, through Christ.

In the preceding chapter we have endeavoured to solve the question what are the qualities that constitute good tone.

The long bows and arrows, which constitute their only weapons, were leaning in the background against the wall.

Forests constitute approximately three-fifths or 60% of Virginia's total land area.

In fact, these three trees constitute the timber of the island.

That quiescence possesses neither of the features which together constitute an act an offering of genuine obedience.

The wife must live with him, and a refusal on her part to live in the home provided by him would constitute her a deserter.