Prevent [verb]

Definition of Prevent:

keep from happening or continuing

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevent:

Sentence/Example of Prevent:

To put it out of your power to ruin yourself is the only way left to prevent your ruin.

To prevent this, they were planning the capture of Beauséjour.

The ill consequence of which it is now in your power to prevent.

To me it seems that the first thing in regard to money is to prevent it from doing harm.

However, it will not prevent the food from keeping perfectly.

Remove from the fire at once to prevent the egg from curdling.

Care should be exercised in their baking to prevent them from burning.

We must prevent this foolish marriage which he has got into his head, from taking place.

"Whatever she saw she did her best to prevent," said the Princess.

You can keep him with you, make him marry some other person, but you cannot prevent him from giving me his heart.