Prohibit [verb]

Definition of Prohibit:

make impossible; stop

Opposite/Antonyms of Prohibit:

Sentence/Example of Prohibit:

In the fact that I have no right to prohibit anything to others lies no prohibition.

These races often prohibit marriage with individuals of another race.

The constitution is interpreted to prohibit women from holding any other office.

Legislation was soon to prohibit this custom, and railways to make it unnecessary.

This wonderful way is to prohibit the use of sharp hatchets in France.

Then why, exactly, do you wish me to prohibit the child from coming to Challis Court?

It was not proper nor just to prohibit slavery in the Territories.

Congress had no power to prohibit slavery in the Territories.

If it is caused by any special article of diet, prohibit its use.

It would be as reasonable to prohibit all kinds of fairy tales.