Disallow [verb]

Definition of Disallow:

reject, prohibit

Synonyms of Disallow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disallow:

Sentence/Example of Disallow:

Stefanski can’t coach the Browns remotely because the NFL has long disallowed any outside communication into games between kickoff and the final whistle.

As significantly, by the end of 2022, Google will disallow the use of so-called third-party cookies on Chrome, the Google browser that accounts for more than 60% of global Internet use.

Meanwhile, California’s 2015 law disallows using the Washington Football Team’s former name or logo and bans schools from buying new equipment featuring that branding, but it allows them to continue using existing equipment until it wears out.

And, you know, this country, the world really, has such a complicated history when it comes to drugs that are allowed or disallowed.

I was opposed to this project, and besought the Viceroy to disallow it.

The physical history of our globe is a study the importance of which no one at the present day is likely to disallow.

They disallow that the good Samaritan and the Levite had exactly the same exterior stimuli.

The Secretary of State may at any time disallow or suspend any certificate given under this section.

Both the First and the Second Alkibiadês appear to me genuine, even upon the showing of those very critics who disallow them.

Of which, if thou be a severe, sour-complexioned man, then I here disallow thee to be a competent judge.