Dismiss [verb]

Definition of Dismiss:

send away, remove; free

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismiss:

Sentence/Example of Dismiss:

Bluestone Coal lawyers had earlier tried to have the selenium case dismissed, arguing that it was preempted by the 2016 settlement.

Republicans dismissed it as a wish list that included things that have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Any of these efforts, on its own, could be dismissed as a conveniently worded attack.

He also dismissed the efforts of commercial space companies like SpaceX to build comparable technology.

He dismissed as “attention-grabbing” a recent study in Hong Kong that confirmed the reinfection of a 33-year-old man with the novel coronavirus.

Fisher dismissed the concerns as normal post-construction issues.

If many companies do opt in to the holiday, which experts note is unlikely, it “does put pressure on Congress to dismiss the tax, and that would be the only real hope there” for employees, notes Shevchuck.

When I tried to bring it to the attention of a manager, my complaints would be dismissed.

Prosecutors have dismissed a criminal charge against a southern Illinois man whom they accused of endangering public safety when he entered a busy gas station store after he was ordered to self-isolate because of coronavirus-like symptoms.

Relations became so strained that Bonaparte was soon glad to seize on any excuse to dismiss Lannes from his post.