Chase [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chase:

With a dog, use a sit and stay command and then step away to see if they can resist chasing you down.

Tatís has cut down on swings against low-and-away breaking balls, a common chase area for batters, as seen by comparing a heat map from last season with this season.

That, he worries, could lead to the repeat of a scenario India faced between 2009 and 2013, when there was “too much money chasing too few goods.”

Traditionally, long-distance migration is common for the animals, which surprisingly are not keen on chasing prey over extended distances.

They even had a habit of chasing after guys who visited the woods in order to get their sexual fill.

Marketers have chased vanity marketing metrics like ad clicks from the beginning of time.

Each of the first two phrases, “the cat” and “the dog,” must be appropriately matched to the last two phrases, “chased” and “ran.”

A host of angry thunder kami attached to this body chased Izanagi out of the underworld, and he just about escaped from Yomi by blocking the entrance with a huge stone.

For many, many years, scientists have been chasing the goal of a non-addictive opioid.

So this is reassuring, because here we are off on this wild goose chase of trying to change the minds of decision-makers or Americans about math.