Quest [noun]

Definition of Quest:

search, exploration

Synonyms of Quest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quest:

Sentence/Example of Quest:

His quest is our quest: the ceaseless striving to live out our true creed.

Bewulf sets out in quest of its hiding-place, with twelve men.

But not for that did aunt Ann relinquish her quest for the betterment of the domestic world.

They found it surging and tossing, in quest of Defarge himself.

She was confessedly in league with a gang of adventurers upon a quest for treasure.

A little later the two men returned, unsuccessful in their quest.

Little by little the story of the B-Hive and the quest for an Eldorado came out.

White Fang, sliding by in quest of meat, stopped and began to eat the chips.

She was searching there in the blackness, and in her quest she was approaching him.

I, with nineteen men and my ensign, took a different route in quest of them.