Examination [noun]

Definition of Examination:

test, analysis

Opposite/Antonyms of Examination:

Sentence/Example of Examination:

Rodríguez, for example, said the physical examination the medical personnel performed was inadequate because they placed the stethoscope over two and three layers of clothing.

A heart monitor takes a reading multiple times per second, while information from a routine medical examination might come only once or twice per year.

That would mean his visit included an expanded, problem-focused history and examination.

It’s some kind of examination of ourselves as humans, and not really the crime itself, which can be a bit of a MacGuffin.

Her college entrance examination scores, she was told, had won her admission to the English department of the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know how others reacted because they’ve resisted transparency in the name of an ongoing emergency or shown hostility to outside examination.

As a rule, however, even in the case of extreme varieties, a careful examination of the specimen will enable it to be identified.

Being quieted by the Captain with a draught of cold tea, and made to sit down, the examination of the book proceeded.

Indeed, a score of bodies lying there had not been seen by Malcolm during his first frenzied examination of the house.

It was a tremendous training in the sifting of evidence and the examination of appearances.