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He recently passed both of the final exams his ODU professors let him postpone when he signed with Washington, and he has two 400-level math classes left to earn his degree.

Under the College Board’s new plan, there will be three testing windows for each exam.

A number of states are seeking waivers from the Education Department for this spring, saying that it wouldn’t be fair to force students to take the exams after such a chaotic year and that the results would be meaningless.

Undefeated Gonzaga is staring down history, but its final exam won’t arrive until MarchUnlike Gonzaga, a perch on the top line would be new territory for Houston — at least in the past 35 years.

Yet, the coronavirus has stymied their pursuits at almost every level, from delaying licensing exams and required tests to eliminating opportunities for key clinical work that would aid their job search.

In the following post, she provides a historical overview of standardized testing — and takes issue with supporters who say that these exams provide data that helps teachers and students.

Its percentage of seniors who have passed an Advanced Placement exam is about 33 percent higher than the national average.

After his physical raised a flag, a subsequent MRI exam helped confirm LeVert’s condition.

In hopes of drafting DeShields, United gave him a medical exam last week.

Staff worked in phases, stationing patients in exam rooms in numbers to match the doses coming from each vial.