Assessment [noun]

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Others include an assessment of a user’s heart rate, which can be obtained from a fitness tracker.

Pelosi questions why a vague assessment about China’s interest in the election was given equal billing to active efforts by Russia.

The EU’s telecoms regulators decided in 2016 that the law’s terms technically allowed zero rating, as long as an assessment shows customers aren’t being steered away from services that compete with the bundled offer.

Murphy “declined to modify any of the intelligence assessments based upon political rhetoric,” and told his bosses the intelligence would reflect reality, not what the president believes.

It would also require the FDA to revise the donor questionnaire based on an individual risk assessment of sexual behaviors upon which all donors are evaluated equally, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.

That assessment, notably, came before this summer’s catastrophic and costly wildfires.

We respond with rationalization and selective assessment of evidence – that is, we engage in “confirmation bias,” giving credit to expert testimony we like while finding reasons to reject the rest.

The Resisting group are also much more likely to believe in conspiracy theories and highly unlikely assessments of how far the virus has spread.

The WHO does not have the power to force member states to accept a team of WHO experts to conduct an assessment.

If the losses exceed the premiums thus paid in advance, then an assessment is made on each member to cover the deficiency.