Estimation [noun]

Definition of Estimation:

belief, guess

Synonyms of Estimation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Estimation:

Sentence/Example of Estimation:

Based on Watanabe and colleagues’ estimations, Baikal seals may be getting about 20 percent of their daily calorie requirements just from amphipods.

By his estimation, Mike Tyson shed about 100 pounds for his nostalgia-filled return to the boxing ring Saturday night.

If intensity estimations are correct, it looks to have made landfall as a major Category 3 hurricane.

The team made new estimations of the reptiles’ weight, wing shape and wingspan, and then simulated how those features might translate into flapping, gliding or launching.

Tomi Lahren, the 28-year-old South Dakota native who is the host of Final Thoughts on Fox Nation, is equal parts telegenic, mouthy and, in her estimation at least, “relentless.”

An estimation of the solids, therefore, furnishes an important clue to the functional efficiency of the kidneys.

Quantitative estimation does not furnish much of definite clinical value.

Quantitative estimation of the total sulphates yields little of clinical value.

We will now mention a fact which in the estimation of all true lovers of these fine violins is to be greatly regretted.

Madame Torvestad was in the habit of writing many letters, which were held in much estimation by the Brethren around.