Arithmetic [noun]

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After training, word2vec’s embeddings appeared to capture interesting semantic relationships between words that could be revealed through simple arithmetic operations on the vectors.

These are tropes that mathematicians like to use, and I think they’re very alienating to people who, for one reason or other, did not learn about modular arithmetic in kindergarten.

You could, for example, walk down the number line and keep every number that doesn’t complete an arithmetic progression.

Roth was able to show that after a finite number of such distillations, you have a set so dense that it must contain arithmetic progressions.

You might wonder, though, if there are significantly denser number sets that still avoid arithmetic progressions.

Provided this density condition is met, Erdős conjectured, your list should contain infinitely many arithmetic progressions of every length.

Animals that can do basic arithmetic show us that some really are capable of understanding the terms they use and the connections between them.

Notably, out of 310 questions on the original SAT, only 10 tested math skills, and these focused exclusively on arithmetic and simple algebra.

It fell into the three more or less isolated subjects of arithmetic, algebra and Euclid.

Up to this I had always imagined that I disliked everything in the shape of arithmetic.