Calculation [noun]

Definition of Calculation:

computing, estimating amount

Synonyms of Calculation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calculation:


Sentence/Example of Calculation:

Shanghai’s STAR Market launched last year with a Nasdaq-like focus on tech companies, and on July 22, the Shanghai Stock Exchange began to include STAR-listed companies in its calculations for the Shanghai Composite Index.

A flaw in either the calculations or the experiment seems unlikely, researchers say.

In these cases, there’s a greater chance that the computer’s calculations won’t match reality.

Kamionkowski and others say more checks are needed to ensure that the early magnetism doesn’t throw off other cosmological calculations.

You’d need every person on Earth to complete a calculation a second for 20 months—no bathroom breaks—to match what Fugaku does in a heartbeat.

Through a calculation now standard in undergraduate textbooks, he showed that the chain — now known as the 1D Ising model — fails to stay magnetized.

Neurons are a bit like a network of computer processors, with individual physical parts performing different calculations than others.

Top-ranked compounds from our calculations are being tested experimentally for activity against the live virus.

We should include parenthood and motherhood in the calculation because it adds so much value.

The second goal was to develop a workforce that could do the complex calculations required to support the military and space efforts.