Dividing [verb]

Definition of Dividing:

separate, disconnect

Synonyms of Dividing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dividing:

Sentence/Example of Dividing:

It lies in the middle of the river, opposite to the dividing line between Calais and Robbinston, Me.

These dividing walls were stone, like all the others, but sufficiently narrow to admit of Hannah's leaping them easily.

Density is found by dividing the total population of a state by the total land area of the state.

A great wall runs through the centre, dividing the long-term from the short-term prisoners.

After his wife's death, the Consul had never succeeded in dividing this duty satisfactorily between them.

It is this air indeed, which, by dividing the ice into many flakes that reflect the light, gives it the white colour.

In truth, the dividing line between man-ape and man was imperceptibly fine.

It is the remnant of a creature significantly on the dividing line between man-ape and man.

The perennials are propagated by dividing the roots or by young cuttings in spring, or by seeds.

He got up and came to the table where Bud was dividing the money into two equal sums, as nearly as he could make change.