Halve [verb]

Definition of Halve:

cut in half

Synonyms of Halve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Halve:

Sentence/Example of Halve:

By the time the image was released last week, Tianwen-1 had halved the distance to Mars and is now preparing to enter orbit.

It halved the number of people who may gather in public spaces to five.

This fall, Amtrak halved the Crescent’s daily service and that of its other long-distance routes to three trips a week, citing “the long-term impact of covid-19 on ridership.”

Since the 1970s, extreme poverty has more than halved, and while the exact scope of the gains depends on how we measure them, there’s no disputing that people are living longer, healthier, safer lives than ever before.

Pfizer and BioNTech have halved their original estimates for how many coronavirus vaccines would be shipped globally by the end of this year, citing supply-chain issues, the Wall Street Journal first reported.

Today, we are accelerating this work, detailing our commitment to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The first regime, which was 90% effective, used a halved first dose and a full second dose.

Spread the Brussels sprouts on the sheet pan, sliced side down if halved, filling the empty third of the pan and placing them wherever they will fit around the chicken and potatoes.

According to the study, halving food waste would drastically change projected emissions.

In the summer, Looney pitched a “leaner” BP while announcing about $18 billion in write-downs, cutting 10,000 jobs, and halving the company’s dividend.